ASU-CFMS chapter leadership training

Though August 29 is a holiday the leaders of the IVCF ASU-CFMS chapter in Aklan went to their campus not because of make-up class, but because today is there much awaited leadership training with our staff worker, ate Mitch Casiano, one of our GTs Shandel Arroz Gomez and some help from Rezel Rafa Ciriaco Agustino ,one of the student leaders at CVCF (CPU). This training was also attended by their adviser, Ms. Frensie Jimenez De Mateo, and their GT, Glacy Ciriaco Agustino.

We praise God for the 3 sessions tackled namely: 1)The Calling of a Student, 2) How to do Small Group and 3) Group Dynamics. We thank Him for the favorable weather and provisions. Journey with us in prayers as these students put into actions the visions they have for the fellowship along with their adviser and GT according to the will of God, may they have the courage and strength to reach out, have small groups and mentor. We bring back the glory to God!

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No this, No that!

“Enough making any appointment.” I was listening to Goh Keat Peng(IFES) on my seat while examining myself how I‘ve been hypocrite before God. Learning I‘ve gained from Personal Holistic Growth session during the recently held Graduates & Graduate Team National Conference in Ilo-Ilo humbled me to my nothingness. Silence and tears brought me to my senses. I attended GTCon because I believe it was an appointment with God. It‘s a little presumptuous of me to assume that I can schedule Him in my calendar! The first day, first session, I got offended. His Words piercing to my heart revealed my arbitrary judgment of practicing the presence of God. Often I labeled events between secular and sacred. No, nothing is secular. When everything is done for the Lord, such is sacred. He is never absent, whenever, wherever.

“I am the captain of my ship.” Sailing, blown by the wind, drifted away – a captain who adores the sea
but overlooks the One who controls the waves, a reminder of my Christian responsibilities. The fullness of God has been filled in me through His Spirit, therefore, mature management of my priorities and making adjustments to attain desired goals is required of me. His Word as the principal instrument of guidance does not exempt me from making mature decisions for attitude and lifestyle check, work ethic, business conduct and relationship status. If the goal defined is not from God, it is not absolutely right!

“Give up the childish ways.” Holding on and giving up, knowing in part and understanding fully—a transition from being a child to becoming a man. “Our best Christian witness is our consistent Christian values and attitude”, Goh Keat Peng said. When we give up our childish ways, we let go of our pretense and hypocrisy and hold grip to authenticity. “How do I think?” or “What am I doing?” asking myself of these is of help to reexamine my motive and so to prevent me from echoing another person‘s conviction. Before His presence, I should be true about myself! The Lord desires our inner core to be genuinely Christ-like. Becoming a man is a decision to give space for others, to never look down on a human being (social class is sinful in its entire system), to open opportunities outside the wall of the church, and to embrace the sinners the way Jesus did. Rebuking!

“Abide.” Appears ten times in John 15. As I have listened to the testimonies of some IV Graduates, ‘pruning’ has been always the process endured in bearing fruit. Painful, some have to confront relational
issues among believers. Tired, others have felt withdrawing from the ministry work. Outdated, few are meeting-both-end to bridge generation gap. Alone and lonely perhaps, many are single and wishing for marriage. Our mature response to circumstances alike is His way to make His glory known in us. For us to bear much fruit and so to prove that we are His disciples, we should be steadfast abiding in His love. Though five days in the conference was a foretaste of heaven, standing on my feet now is a broken land. To be the healing agents in the students and graduates ministry remains a challenge for IV Graduates. “WHOM SHALL I SEND?” No this, no that.

(Written by: Cristy Ann G. Blanco, RAC Secretary & GT-Volunteer for ISCF-Kao NHS)

IV Connections

Dear IVCF friends near and far,

Warmest greetings from a very warm (actually, terribly hot!) Iloilo City where I and some staff are – to go to the Grad Team/Graduates’ Conference tomorrow at Ephrathah Farms, Badiangan, Iloilo. This email is an attempt to send some quick news to you about what’s happening in the IVCF side of the world. I will try to do this short missives regularly – every middle of each month, and if I would be late because of travel or other reasons, I pray that you will be graciously forgiving.

It is the tail end of summer… it had been a busy season of camps and conferences for us at IVCF Philippines. For high school, we had a total of four evangelistic camps and two leadership-discipleship camps. On the college/university level, we had an intensive month-long leadership (Kawayan) camp and a Graduates/Grad Team Conference for volunteers and graduates (happening tomorrow!). We praise God for blessing us with the “fruits of our labors” – students making decisions to follow Christ, others deepening their understanding and love for Him, His Word and His world; while others learning how to be servant-leaders. These are precious lives that had been reached because of your gift and partnership with us. Thank you for investing in the lives of these students, such investment counts for eternity!

Here are testimonies of two high schoool students who recently went to the Sibol (Evangelistic) Camp in Metro Manila:

Before Sibol Camp, I did not know about the value of myself. I was like an object, just existing without value. Because of that, I did not have any confidence in myself. I had tendencies to not take good care of myself by engaging in not-so-good habits like sleeping very late and spending excessive time playing computer games. But through the activities and recreation times at camp, I discovered that I really don’t need great talents to be of help to others. Even in very simple things, if we offer them to God, we can be of great help to others. In my quiet time every night, I get closer to God; doing so helps me to be more sensitive and get along well with others. Day by day I discover how great is the love of God for me and other students. On April 14, during my quiet time, around 9:30 in the evening I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior. I have heard Bible stories before but the messages seemed to just stay in my head. Through the help of my counselor, I felt the love of Jesus in my heart. Now I belong to Jesus and He belongs to me. (VJ, testimony given at Faith Baptist Church)

Dito sa camp natutunan ko ang forgiveness ng Panginoon, ang mag-Quiet Time at sumunod sa mga utos ng mga nakakatanda. Bago ang Sibol Camp, mababa yung self-esteem ko pero binago Niya ang pagtingin ko sa sarili ko na huwag maliitin yung sarili ko. Nalaman ko ring huwag maliitin yung ibang tao kasi lahat tayo ay ginawa ng Diyos na may kanya kanyang talento. Nagpapasalamat ako na andiyan Siya parati para gabayan ako dahil mahal na mahal niya ako. [Here at camp I learned about the forgiveness of God, how do Quiet Time, and to obey what the elders say. Before Sibol Camp, my self-esteem was very low, but He changed the way I look at myself, that I should not look down on myself. I learned to also not look down on other people because all of us were created by God with our own talents. I thank God that He is always there to guide me because he loves me very much. (Jugelica, Batasan Hills National High School)

The 2016 Metro Manila Sibol Camp where VJ and Jugelica participated in

The end of May is also the end of our fiscal year. We are praying that this year, we can end in the black financially. Please pray with us that we can finish our deficit. If the Lord touches your heart to help carry this burden, let us know!

We are grateful for your partnership in reaching these students for Christ. May the Lord cause your “barns to overflow” so that you will continue to help in the furtherance of His kingdom among the students of this generation.

With much blessings,


National Director

Favored Beyond Expectation

I can say that before, I was a man who didn’t have any direction. A man who I can say was always blown and tossed by the wind. Yes, I went to church but then I did not know why I do. Maybe because it was a requirement in my studies. I did not even know the real essence of worship. I knew that there is God but I was unaware that He’s really working and I didn’t recognize that He is the source of every-thing that I have. After I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord four years ago, everything changed.


Knowing and experiencing Christ’s love and grace really changed my perspectives. Indeed His grace abounds in very mysterious ways. I never expected to be in the place where I am now and to have the title that the Lord had blessed me more than I deserve. Highest glory belongs to our Loving God for indeed He is good and His love endures forever. He really knows my needs and is able to sympathize with my human nature.


I knew that my family did not have sufficient or enough income so I did not expect to finish my tertiary education. As what my parents said, “Ta, tama na siguro nang two years mu nga skwela kay wala nata kwarta.” (“Ta, maybe two years is just enough because we lack the fund to continue your studies.”) I smiled and said, “Sige nay ah, pero mangita japun ko pama-agi nga makatapos ko”. (“Okay Mom, but I’ll find a way to finish my course.”) Filled by God’s fa-vor and grace, I became a caretaker of Kabacan Southern Baptist Church which served as an avenue for me to grow spiritually and where I was able to apply my learning in IVCF. I be-came an effective Sunday school teacher and at the same time a President of the young people for almost two years. Out of my expectation, I was able to finish my tertiary education in USM-Kabacan while actively participating as an IVCF student-leader and as a church worker all because of His favor and grace. The same is true after I graduated. I did not expect to take the board exam due to lack of financial pro-visions but God is really our Jehovah Jireh. He met all my needs. God used some IV-grads, churchmates and professors to support me during my review especially the monetary support I needed. Yes! I did. I took the Licensure Examination for Criminologists and our living God who is alive, active and beyond measure, allowed me to pass the exam. His favor really surpassed beyond my expectations. It is so overwhelming. I am joyful and glad serving the Almighty, the One who initiates and keeps on pursuing an intimate love relationship to-wards me.

I owe my learning, skills and everything in the Lord! He significantly uses Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship to equip and prepare me to obey Him. Responding to His call is a privilege and opportunity. Giving Him the prime years of my youth, I’m committed to be a Staff Representative of IVCF in Southern Mindanao Regional Unit in the next three years. (Written by: Efren “Tata” G. Rubino, the region’s new Staff Representative who came from IVCF USM-Kabacan.)

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A joy to serve others rather than to be served

Christmas Party for the less fortunate children of the Drop-in Center from Parian

The social Work Society is an established student organization at the Southwestern University in Cebu City. Being elected as its president is a big pleasure at the same time a pressure. It is a pleasure in the sense that I can serve other students, cater to what they need and especially become a witness of God’s astounding actions and of His glory. I have learned a lesson from one of my counselors which I always bring with me: “I am a Christian who happened to be a student, and not a student who happened to be a Christian.” So, it is a joy for me to serve others rather than to be served. Pressure also because I need to deal with the over-all population of Social Work students. I will lead in planning of what we should do to enhance their practices in the field of Social Work, and initiate to strengthen the relationship between each members.

Christmas Party for the less fortunate children of the Drop-in Center from Parian

Christmas Party for the less fortunate children of the Drop-in Center from Parian.

The recent activity we did was conducting a Christmas Party for the less fortunate children of the Drop-in Center from Parian. This agency offers temporary shelter for turned-over street children. Organizing this event was so much hassle, time-consuming, energy-draining and somehow a struggle. It was tiring and I almost gave up. I was tempted to turn-over the leadership to the vice-president,. Suddenly, a voice whispered to me that this event is not just for the sake of the Society’s listed calendar of activities, nor to extend help to the children, but this is for God alone. I was reflecting and realized that I was using my own strength and I forgot to seek Him first. From that time, I was rectified and I prayed hard and asked God what He wants me to do for this event that would make sense for everyone.

It was a reminder for me to just rest on Him, and let His peace rule over in this event and in my life. He never fails when it comes for the exaltation of His name and glory. He sent people to give me ideas on what to do. I partnered with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in delivering the message of the true meaning of Christmas and why Jesus was born. These children came from the streets where education and Christianity is their least priority. So the message hit two birds at one stone since there were other people like social work students, staffs of Drop-in Center, and visitors who, somehow, also do not know why we truly celebrate Christmas. During the event, I learned that these children are much vulnerable in our community. They can be used by other people in fulfilling their own needs due to their innocence. They lack a strong family – the foundation, that if present, could keep them from dwelling in the streets. These children, found in the streets, have different norms and behaviors. They usually don’t participate. They find it hard to trust people, even us during the event. I realized that one factor why they did not participate well in the activities we have prepared was a result of their past experiences from the people they have encountered, which later on became their abusers. In conclusion, it is our duty, (concerned individuals) to understand more than to judge them, for they have hidden stories in their lives that they hardly can share or tell to people in the community. To God be the glory! —

Kimverly Kaye Uymasuy

Kimverly Kaye Uymasuy
IVCF Chapter President
2nd year, BS Social Work
Southwestern University


“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher


Gratitude for God’s faithfulness and gratitude to our ministry partners for their generosity inspired the IVCF Thanksgiving Dinner held on November 28 at the Shangri-la Restaurant on West Avenue, Quezon City. (see photo albums 1, 2, 3)

The theme #Grateful aptly described the gathering of 97 ministry partners composed of IVCF alumni, representatives of partner churches, IVCF pioneers, former IVCF staff and volunteers and friends of IVCF staff; all of whom God used and are continuously using to sustain His work in and through IVCF. They were all our guests of honor on that night when we affirmed them for their generosity to the movement.

The occasion also aimed to raise funds for Kawayan Camp (KC) 2016, hence IVCF Staff, Rachel Jentapa and Rein Arlegui, sang some KC theme songs for the guests while they were having dinner.

Student leaders of our IVCF and ISCF chapters in Metro Manila presented a skit about students then and now. Their skit portrayed how the context of the student world has changed from the early years, through the heights of student activism in the ‘70s and to the technological advances of this decade. They showed that while the context for student ministry has changed the radical need for students and communities to have Jesus as Savior and Lord remain the same.

Following the skit were testimonies from two of the students-leaders. Wii Dingle, vice-president of the Manila Leaders’ Council and vice-president of the Kalasag Christian Fellowship (IVCF chapter in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines) described how participating in the various training events of IVCF helped shape him as a leader. Sat Sugita shared about how God used her experience at the ISCF National Leadership Discipleship Camp last summer to teach her about the value of spending time with Him every day. She spoke about how she has often felt God prompting her to spend time with Him and how this daily practice has sustained her through the stress of academic life. Sat is one of the ISCF student-leaders in Philippine Science High School.

IVCF National Director, Ms. Christy Jutare, also gave a brief ministry update highlighting the progress of the ministry towards its strategic priorities, namely: Incarnational Witness, All-of-life Discipleship, Holistic Missions, Servant-Leadership, and Sustainable Movement. She shared pictures from our nine regional units of our ISCF and IVCF students engaged in ministry. She pointed out how all these had been made possible by God through the committed support of our ministry partners.

On that note, it was fitting that IVCF recognized the ministry partners and affirmed their partnership. Tokens of appreciation were given to our Ruby Donors, Silver Donors and Gold Donors. Students read messages of thanks to these donors on behalf of all the students who were recipients of their generosity.

Ms. Ivanna Dela Peña, one of the Gold Donors, gave a response message on behalf of all of the donors. She shared how the Lord has ministered to her as she gives to the Lord’s work. “Giving should be a way of life,” she said, “and we must acknowledge that we are only stewards of what God has blessed us with; therefore we must be open and willing to give when the Lord tells us so because everything comes from Him.” She testified that the Lord is faithful to give us joy in our hearts and His abundance as we obey Him in our giving.

Ptr. Herman Moldez, Chairman of the IVCF Board of Trustees, culminated the Thanksgiving Dinner by reminding the fellowship that those who call themselves blessed are also called by God to bless others. The fellowship responded generously to his challenge and gave a total of PhP 417,200 and $110 in actual gifts and pledges.

The night ended with the eighteen staff workers leading the fellowship in heartily singing an IVCF favorite hymn ‘Tunay Kang Matapat.’


Gifts were designated as follows:

  1. Cash/Checks
 Kawayan Camp:  Php 44,900
 Staff Conference:   Php 15,900  $50
 Gen Fund:  Php 32,000
PC/Staff Salaries Php 20,000 $60


  1. Pledges
 Kawayan Camp:  Php 39,100
 Staff Conference:   Php 42,100
 Gen Fund: Php 218,200  (P18,100/month)
Others Php 5,000


IVCF wishes to thank the following for their support during the Thanksgiving Dinner:

  • Dennis Merano and Ms. Xaris Tamayo, emcees
  • Ivanna Dela Peňa for her testimony as an IVCF donor
  • Wii Dingle and Ms. Sat Sugita for their student testimonies
  • Manila Leaders Council and ISCF students for the student presentation
  • IVCF Board of Trustees

Like Martha and Mary…

smru1“DLTC is a training not just for the campers but for the counselors as well. In fact, DLTC is here to make leaders. That’s the reason why counselors are here.” You are here.‖ This line pierced my heart as I unloaded all my burdens to one of the IVCF staff during the times of pressures in arranging schedules and planning for the betterment of the events’ sequence and assigned tasks.

The attitude of being ―obsessive-compulsive‖ is where I was grown into. Yes, I was bringing this attitude throughout my leadership in our campus, thinking that this will be a good way of leading my members to the right track. Perhaps two years of being a leader is a long period of exposure in IVCF, which could be the reason of my extreme confidence in handling things right. “Doer”, as they often name me whenever I am in the campus. Sounds good maybe but many things were unfolded when God brought me to another realization, a story to tell.

Last June 2015, I accepted the challenge to be part of the Executive Committee in DLTC 2015, particularly as a Curriculum Director. While the event was fast approaching, I was also preparing myself to carry heavy responsibilities. It was really uneasy and tiring especially if academics, family, organization, church and disciples, altogether at one time, were loaded in my backpack. However, I still need to step in. I could still remember those times I cried as if the world is turning against me.

Then the most important date has finally arrived to answer this call of duty– DLTC! Upon reflecting to these days of full service, I praise God that I was able to do my tasks, maybe not that prompt but at least, not that late. During the spiritual retreat [Luke 10:38-42] on my arrival, the name Martha has been resonated in my consciousness. Yes. Martha, the doer. I became more like her throughout the camp preparations. My heart had  burst out for tears on how God spoke to me. I am rebuked yet rejoicing!

For this profound and humbling lesson, the essence of being a Mary, embraces me during the camp days to revival. It had me to really quiet my spirit and be ready everyday in opening my two hands and one heart for His service despite vast demands in the camp.

Sometimes the pressure of getting the work well done would sadden and discouraged me. But the Lord keeps on reminding me to be dependent on Him. He taught me to be calm, patient and most especially, gentle and understanding in the works of the Lord. I was encouraged by my partner in this assigned task to become more listening to Him. Praise the Lord!

Added to it, the Lord has brought me to my humble beginnings in this faith journey when He reminded about my commitment in fulfilling His purpose – servanthood. There are still many things that I am grateful about as I involved myself to this camp. As I prayed to the Lord for a cheerful heart while on service, this has been granted to me so abundantly! I know that who I am right now and whatever my heart’s desire is part of God’s preparation for me to manifest His greater glory. I praise the Lord for revealing Himself to me. More to say, DLTC, while it is fun, it also transforms both the campers and organizers. Being a leader is an opportunity and serving the Lord is a privilege.

(Written by: Loverlyn Coniza; Edited by: Nedoka)

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DLTC 2015 “Lose To Gain” Central & Eastern Visayas Regional Unit

Director’s Reflection

Three months has passed, but still I felt doubtful and unsure if I, being the Camp Director was qualified for the job description or chosen by God. During the past months, I would wake up in the middle of the night or at dawn and would silently whimper, “Lord, is this really your will?”

To quit would be a convenient choice but the Lord has been very gracious and patient with me. He has been my comfort and my refuge. During our pre-camp, the quiet time’s passage was in Jeremiah 1. Jeremiah told the Lord, that he was young and inexperienced and he couldn’t speak ,but the Lord told him, that he was chosen. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” It was the answer or the comfort should I say that I longed for, for the past few months.

I praise Him for teaching me so many things in the camp. I have learned the value of keeping oneself calm, being quiet, to ask and seek the Lord’s guidance and direction. “Cast all your cares in the Lord for He cares for you”, has not only been a reminder or a concept but it became a response in difficult situations—to place one’s confidence not on oneself but on God.

The Lord breaks what He purposes and He changes what He wills. Sometimes I wonder why these things have happened, but I’ve realized that in all these things God is in control. He is sovereign. “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” Maybe I’ve relied too much in our well-polished plans, that I have forgotten to seek the Lord if this is His will. “The Lord’s purpose is always better than our plans.” In all these things, the Lord has become near and real.

To God be all the Glory!

-Angela Villagonza
DLTC 2015 Director



[su_spoiler title=”Ghift Lynbel Sumagaysay – Silliman University” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]

I praise God for He has blessed me by making me join this camp. God has opened my eyes to the things I have known before but have not applied with, and blessed me as well with the knowledge that I have acquired here in this camp through the people He used.

God has used this camp to make me realize that I have not given up everything and that I was still tightly holding on to the things that had given me temporary satisfactions. Through the speakers that He used, I saw that the time and energy I spent before was mostly spent on reading, surfing the net and other activities that did not give glory to God. I was blinded by the things the world offers than what God offered. But by the grace of God, I am thankful that He used this camp to make me see the truth that I will never be satisfied with worldly things but only I can be satisfied and contented in Godby seeking Him, spending time to know Him more and surrendering to Him everything.

I have also realized that I have not fully surrendered myself to Jesus Christ. I did things based on what I wanted to do and didn’t see the things Christ had wanted me to do. I avoided myself in obeying God so I would not be the target of the people around me, and I have realized that I shouldn’t do that. I am a Christian and I have decided to submit to His commands and to be joyful even if others persecute you.

Now, I am willing to be changed and used by Him who gave His everything for me. I will stand firmly in my faith, be joyful in every circumstance, not conforming to the world and apply everything I have learned in this camp when I go back and face the real world.

-Ghift Lynbel Sumagaysay
3rd Year BSCE
Silliman University
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Jefferson Bantiles – Visayas State University” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]

God is great. The beauty and experiences in this camp is unforgettable especially the people I’ve met. In every activities and sessions, the Word of God tells me that I should change. I was a worldly Christian but God changed my view in life that whatever we achieved in this world is nothing compared to Christ who is everything. This camp is used by God for me to hear His Word and to change me. All glory belongs to God. God

-Jefferson Bantiles, 4th Year
Visayas State University

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Judy Ann Rodriguez – Cebu Normal Universityy” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]

Truly, God has better plans for each one of us. Before when I was not yet a Christian I sinned many times a day – telling false stories about other people, judging people easily without even knowing them, dishonoring my parents, being so selfish, boastful and lazy. However, when I started living a Christian life, honestly, I haven’t realized and noticed that these attitudes were slowly fading away. I learned to respect and love those people around me – my parents, friends, classmates, neighbors, and even those whom I’ve hated before. I am still young in my Christian life, but I know God works wonderfully in my life and in other peoples lives especially if you are a follower of His will and has accept Him as your only God.

Indeed, when you are a Christian your entire life is little by little being changed for the better. It is now God who rules your life – not money, cellphone, the FB and other earthly things and desires.

Personally, I learned to love God above all. I learned to love His creation, His Word. Before this is what I usually pray, “I pray Lord that You will help me get a perfect score in our exams today so that I’ll have a good grade at the end of the semester.” Now I pray that God may continue to touch my heart, give me enlightenment and strength so I could know Him more and that I could share His Word to other people.

With the DLTC camp, I could say that it is a great experience. Not only because I gained a lot of friends but also because I gained Christ and I gained a lot of realizations and experiences of knowing Christ personally. Moreover, DLTC did not only disciplined me with regards to following activities and task schedules and the like but in terms of spirituality. Yes, being in the camp is all worth it. Truly worth it.

-Judy Ann Rodriguez, 3rd Year
BSED English
Cebu Normal University


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Got this thrill!


“I love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God’s wonderful people.”

Oh I can’t help myself but to sing this-song during Regional Assembly (RA). . It was indeed a wonderful sight to see children of God with sweet smiles in their faces. And it felt so good to be with my friends again. I really praise God for allowing me to join this year’s RA. It was my second time but it felt like as if it was my first time. The place was great, the people were great, and everything seems so perfect.

I came to this event with a hungry and thirsty heart. I longed to be filled and be inspired again by God. The very thing I was so excited about was the exposition. It’s been a while that I never heard of a quite good exposition and so I was really looking forward of hearing a good one. Amazingly, God did not fail me.

I was glad to know that our expositor, Kuya Elvin Mijares was a former IVCF staff and also became the National Director of IVCF Philippines. It was such an honor for me to meet and greet such a man of faith. I was happy and at the same time pressured during our small group discussion. Kuya Elvin was at the same Small Group where I was the leader. It was a great privilege for me. I was left amazed when I learned about his life story and how God transformed and used him. I was also blessed with our discussions and gained new learning that really encouraged me.

Furthermore, I was also blessed with what Kuya Darby has shared about his experience during the IFES World Assembly in Mexico. I learned that there are a lot of Christians struggling in other countries. Despite respective challenges, they still strive to live and share the Gospel. I love what Kuya Darby said, “Maybe we need more trial for us to be more active and eager to share the gospel”. Meanwhile, My favorite part of the RA was the separate session with Kuya Romy, “My work, My Mission”. I was all the more encouraged to excel in what I am and will be doing. It made me more excited to work in secular world where God will put me and see how He will use me to influence people for Him.

The very lesson that impacted me most and I want to keep is: “Jesus is the Lord of all creation and nature is under His authority. He deserves to be worshiped and He deserves our obedience”.

I was confronted with what Jesus asked Peter, as if He was asking me this, “Do you love me more than these?” It motivated me to move out from my comfort zone and be more willing to leave everything behind in order to follow Him wholeheartedly.
This RA has reminded me one important thing, God has already called me, elected me as His friend and will continue to equip me. Rest assured that whatever circumstances I will be, God is committed to take good care of me and He is always interceding with me.

(Written by: Ms. Josie Artos. A licensed professional, she finished BS Animal Science in MSU -Gen.Santos City last March 2015. She is a Kawayan Camp (KC) 2013 graduate and, currently, a volunteer Staff (Graduate Team Member) in General Santos City.)


Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos dahil inako po Nya ang kasalanan ng mga tao at narealize ko na mamatay man ako mahal parin Nya ako at alam ko sa sarili ko na ako ay ligtas na dahil tinanggap ko ang regalo ni Jesus na kaligtasan.”
– Dianne Maurice D. Rodriguez , 2015 Sibol delegate

In every ISCF summer camp, the testimony time excites me the most. My heart rejoices while listening to the students declaring that they have received the Lord Jesus in their lives. It was such a blessing to witness their lives being transformed. They
always remind me of myself at the first time I have experienced Christ’s love for me, which made me accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord over and over again. Though raised in a Christian family, it was in my first year in high school that I completely understood that I can’t save myself and I needed Jesus as my savior. I blamed God with my family’s situation. I was disappointed of my parents’ unstable income and my younger sister’s disability. Her name is Raquel. She has an illness called Cerebral Palsy but we can’t afford any treatment or medication for her. I was angry and ashamed because of her condition. I even wish she would just die so that I can’t see her suffer. But one day the Lord rebuked me. I was convicted to read to her the story about Jesus’ crucifixion. She can’t
fluently speak but after reading, I understood that she prayed “Jesus I love you.” My heart was crushed because I realized I have not spoken those very words to the Lord. That event helped me to accept my sister and my parents. I have learned to love them more. Indeed, only the Lord can change a heart. Because of His love for me, I am capable to give true love to others.

Listening to the stories of the students as well as the graduates with their joys, pains and brokenness inspires me more to continue in this ministry. The dreams, desires and eagerness to reach them out for Christ keep me going. This July 11 marks my 5th year in the staff work. Yey! It amazes me on how the Lord has sustained me through ups and downs. I was nearly giving up before but truly His grace has been sufficient in my weakness. Praise God indeed!

With Tanza National Comprehensive High School (TNCHS) Principal Sir Jovito at my left, next is Ate Cathy (counselor) then Ma’am Susan Bucao the Adviser

With Tanza National Comprehensive High School (TNCHS) Principal Sir Jovito at my left, next is Ate Cathy (counselor) then Ma’am Susan Bucao the Adviser

 With National Leadership-Discipleship Camp (NLDC) delegates and Mr. and Mrs. Edezon Lopez as counselors

With National Leadership-Discipleship Camp (NLDC) delegates and Mr. and Mrs. Edezon Lopez as counselors


  • Thank God for victory and provision last Sibol Camp with 28 campers and for 3 delegates sent to National Leadership and Discipleship Camp (NLDC) at Camp Humayan, Bago City.
  • Praise God for the re-pioneered ISCF chapter in Tanza National Comprehensive High School (TNCHS) and successful Counselors’ training last May 7.
  • Praise Him for a meaningful time with my family last vacation. Pray for good health, strength and financial provision for me and for my family who’s in Agusan del Sur.
  • Also, pray for our on-going transition in the region as I will be assigned in Mindoro area this coming September. So Shey Cabo, our new staff will now handle the ISCF in Cavite. I believe that in this school year, there will be full of surprises that my heartbeat thrills and wonders in gladness.