Engaging with Scriptures, Engaging with Students

It’s been three years now since the last Kawayan Camp. But to KC ’19 camper Aileen, her experiences were as vivid as if the camp were yesterday. Among those that impacted Aileen were the recreational activities, Sabbath, and Scripture engagement. The first two helped her appreciate the holistic program of the camp – and indeed the discipleship approach of IVCF. “It was great to work together with my small group,” Aileen recalled, “… to affirm each other whether we won or lost.” And in resting, she learned to “entrust to the Lord everything, and appreciate His work even when I am at rest.”
But while Aileen enjoyed resting and playing, engaging with the Scripture was very challenging for her. She felt insecure thinking that her KC-mates were already good at it. But she took the challenge and allowed the Lord “to guide me, give me confidence and the knowledge and wisdom I needed to lead.” With the acquired skill in studying and leading Bible studies, and with constant dependence on God, Aileen embraced her role of reaching out to her fellow students after KC. Her thirst for God’s word and reliance on Him continue to deepen.
At present, Aileen is the president of her campus fellowship. It is not an easy task especially in the midst of the pandemic. She has gone through a lot, but she finds it her responsibility to “reach students out in the virtual world.” In ministering to other students, she gets excited when she sees them continue in seeking the Lord despite their hectic schedules. And, with affirmations from her fellow leaders, graduates and staff, Aileen feels refreshed and continues in her service.
Kawayan Camp has had a hiatus due to the pandemic. Even so, its impact continues to inspire student-leaders like Aileen.
[Aileen Lozada is a fourth-year Elementary Education major at Philippine Normal University Visayas in Negros Occidental.]


  1. Pray for Aileen and her fellow student-leaders at PNU-V. Pray for their Vision and Vocation initiative, an intentional walking alongside their juniors.
  2. Pray for the other student-leaders in the country. Pray for missional hearts as they minister to other students. Pray that they will stay grounded in the Word and rely on God for wisdom in all that they do.
  3. Pray for the success of regional and national leadership trainings designed to raise and inspire new leaders. Pray for a face-to-face Kawayan Camp soon