In the Blood

Dugong IV – this familiar phrase runs in the blood of the Inter-Varsity ministry. It describes a student or a graduate who has been impacted by IVCF so much that it manifests in his/her daily life journey. Practices like quiet times, personal/group Bible studies and small groups are ingrained in one’s spiritual DNA. To some extent, we even jokingly call a Dugong IV to be BS IV (Bachelor of Science in Inter-Varsity) major in Bible Studies or Small Groups or other IV-certified “course” that the person is heavily involved while a student. On a serious note, though, a student is Dugong IV when he or she displays a lifestyle of all-of-life discipleship, servant-leadership, and holistic missions.

But sometimes, the phrase takes a straightforward meaning. When one is born to IVCF parents, he can claim, quite literally, as a Dugong IV. Take Jozen, for example. “You can say that I started in IVCF since I was born,” he said. “My mother is an IVCF graduate, and our family would always attend IVCF camps in Butuan City,” Jozen remembered. He would tag along while his mother had speaking engagements.
But it was at age 14 that he started his Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) journey. At first, he joined “because my mother wanted me to.” Having accepted Christ two years prior, he found a “community where I can understand God more and grow to love and obey those Bible stories I was taught as a kid.” Through his high school chapter called the Young Disciples Club, Jozen learned what it meant to truly follow Christ. He began to improve in many ways. His friends became his new home where they spurred one another in their faith journeys. “I grew to love the movement because of how intimate and intentional the people were.”

Now in his senior year in college, Jozen’s discipleship continues to deepen. He applies what he learns from his personal study of the Bible through the OIA (Observation-Interpretation-Application). “It challenged me and led me to keep thinking that the Bible is not just some book filled with categorized chapters and text – the Bible is breathing and living.” His careful study of the Scriptures extends to opportunities where he leads Bible studies and speaks at church. As officer of the Northern Mindanao Leaders Council, Jozen “continues to serve God through IVCF, learning and growing, being a witness to others.” The blended learning system is an avenue for them as student missionaries to reach other students through both the online and in-person platforms.

You might say that Jozen can claim being a Dugong IV twice – by heredity and legacy. Whatever the case, this young blood is part of the long line of Jesus-followers who have received salvation through His blood.


  • Pray for Jozen and his fellow NMLC leaders, that all-of-life discipleship, servant-leadership, and holistic missions shape their lives, in obedience to Christ.
  • Pray that the student-leaders in IVCF’s nine regional units will be effective student witnesses to their fellow students and teachers in their universities. Pray that they will live out Christlike lives amid their generation’s challenges.
  • Pray for the continued sustenance of the IVCF ministry so that we can reach out to more students in the country. Participate in God’s work to the campuses through your generosity. You may sign up here:
Image of students paraying
Day of Prayer in Agusan del Sur

SEPTEMBER SNAPSHOTS: IVCF Movement in the Regions

  • In Northern Luzon, intermediate staff Ian moved to Olongapo City and Hannah to Baguio City. They will be pioneering new chapters while strengthening the existing ones.
  • In Metro Manila, students participated in the online Leadership Summit amid a stormy weather.
  • In Bicol, students conducted Nights of Prayer (Mondays in Albay and Fridays in Sorsogon) for the movement, country, and world missions.
  • In Central and Eastern Visayas, 35 students from Bohol and Cebu islands participated in their respective Area Leadership Summits.
  • In Western Visayas, campus fellowships jumpstarted with meetings, plannings, and retreats.
  • In Northern Mindanao, students participated in the Discipleship Making Movement Training with ISALAM, to minister to the Ms.
  • In Caraga, high school and college students spent a Day of prayer in Agusan del Sur at the start of new academic year.
  • In Southern Mindanao, our staff team focused on small groups for intentional discipleship.


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