First Given

First Given

“Given that I’m also a recipient of someone’s generosity, I felt the need to also give back to others.”

Faith had this realization while she was still in college. “God has used so many people to provide for all my needs from my board and lodging to school fees, and even sending me to IVCF camps.” Moreover, she recalled, “I came to have a deeper knowledge of who God is through the IVCF ministry.”

Both the generosity of others and the discipleship she experienced through IVCF spurred her to respond. But due to unstable financial support from her parents, she found it challenging to give consistently. Still, she gave from what little she had, explaining, “There’s always joy in giving. And I always have this principle that when you give, you should not expect something in return.”

When she graduated and was eventually married to Jez, who was also a former student-leader, the giving leveled up. “My husband and I are both recipients of IVCF ministry,” she said, “so it was an automatic response for us to support IVCF.” Since they both grew through the ministry in Central and Eastern Visayas, their heart was first to support their home region. And when they transferred to Manila for work, they saw the need to support the Metro Manila Regional Unit as well. And, to “honor the Lord through [the staff’s] labor in the ministry,” Faith and Jez also give to the staff salary.

Faith couldn’t have stated their motive behind their giving more clearly:

“Giving is a form of worship to God. We give not because we are expecting that God will bless us. It should be an act of obedience and gratitude to God, who gave Himself first for us, so we can be free from the penalty of our sins. That alone should compel us to give, not just our material blessings but our very lives to serve our good and faithful King.”

[Jezreel and Faith Coremo, both Bohol natives, remain active not just in IVCF ministry but also in their workplaces and in their local church. Whenever they find opportunities, they set up Bible study or train others.]


Pray that Jezreel and Faith will continue to obey the Lord both in their marriage and in their ministry. Pray that their generosity will all the more encourage others to give their life, time, and resources to the Lord.

Pray that the Lord will raise 50 or so regular givers to level up their giving this ministry year. IVCF has an approved annual budget of Php 32 million. We believe that God is a faithful and generous provider and provides through His people. Consider trusting the Lord further and expanding your faith in Him by upgrading your current commitment. Please sign up here: