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  I came from a religious family. My grandparents served in our community church and my mother, back when she was still alive, was a church officer. Firm in their belief, they kept the traditions and practices of their religion. Growing up under their influence, I was encouraged to take active participation too in the church’s […]

How would you teach a child about fishing if he is not brought to the sea? How would you teach Algebra without his basic skills on arithmetic? Could he pronounce series of words without recognizing single sound? How about forgiving apart from having been forgiven? And loving and caring and praying apart from Christ? Experience […]

Nowadays, numerous problems are faced by high school teachers. These problems are typically range from minor issues like absenteeism and misbehavior to bigger ones such as early pregnancy or drug addiction. As a future educator, it is inevitable that sooner or later I will be dealing with these issues and I am truly disturbed. Psychologists […]

“Enough making any appointment.” I was listening to Goh Keat Peng(IFES) on my seat while examining myself how I‘ve been hypocrite before God. Learning I‘ve gained from Personal Holistic Growth session during the recently held Graduates & Graduate Team National Conference in Ilo-Ilo humbled me to my nothingness. Silence and tears brought me to my senses. […]

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