Lost and Fatherless

by Flonie Mae P. Romulo
Flonie (right) in a small group picture during local ISCF Sibol Camp in Nabunturan January 2017

I came from a broken family. When I was still young, my father left us because he found another woman. Because of that hurting situation, my mother decided to take me to her relatives in Manila where we lived for 3 years. Being there, I was exposed to the counsels and guidance of a former priest who taught me good moral Christian values. I grew up trying to be a good, obedient child to my mother and the people around me.

Few years passed, we returned to our hometown in Compostela Valley Province. Desiring to give me a better life, my mother entrusted me to my grandmother and uncle to work abroad. I only had the chance to be with her when she returns to the Philippines every after 2 years. My mother worked as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) for 6 years and died from a cardiac arrest in the company she’s working into. Being fatherless, now my mother has permanently left me too. I felt so miserable. I started to blame my father for everything. I hated him so immensely. And as I was growing, I held a grudge against him and even thought of having revenge.

I found it hard to move on. I got too depressed to the point of attempting suicide. But I kept on. I continued with my studies thinking that it’s the only way I can make my mother proud. My teachers and peers comforted me during those hard times, yet I was still in great pain.

On January 2017 I had the opportunity to join the ISCF Sibol Camp in our school. There, I got to personally know Jesus – his love and sacrifices for me and I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. My new relationship with God has allowed me to let go of my grudges and hatred against my father and forgive him wholeheartedly. I have understood that everything happened for a reason and that God has great plans for my life. That camp is truly life-transforming!

Now I continue to seek to know God more by joining Christian activities and fellowships. The ‘life group’ (small group meetings) I am involved with has been helping me in my growth as a Christian. I acknowledge that I failed at times because of sin, but through Christ Jesus I am forgiven, reconciled and redeemed. I realized the value of worshiping God and I have understood the reason of my existence — to glorify and obey Him!

I am grateful for my sure relationship with my Heavenly Father and for His work of restoring the broken relationship I have with my biological father. Now, I can say that I’m not fatherless anymore!

“Ako nahimong testimonya,
Nga Siya maayo ug puno sa gugma.
Gapaminaw sa akong pag-ampô,
Ug naga-uban sa akong mga bakhô.
Labaw Siya sa tanan,
Maayong Amahan.
Gihimo Niya ang kalibutan
Ug ako Iyang gipili man.”

(Flonie is an ISCF student from KAO National High School, Nabunturan and an incoming Grade 12 student)