Gracious Way of Discipline

Felanie in a group picture with her chapter-mates during the  “How to lead a small group” training with Darby
Felanie (rightmost part) in a group picture with her chapter-mates during the “How to lead a small group” training with Darby

“Tell me what you want me to do LORD God.. Tell me what you want for my life.. Coz it’s yours O God. It’s yours…”

I grew up singing these lyrics whenever I’m determined or undetermined by the course of life. I get so inspired whenever I hear of someone serving God with unwavering devotion. I tend to dream of myself becoming one. I used to ask Jesus about revealing His will for my life.

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship was introduced to me when I was a college freshman. It was in the hallway that I observed a flock of students entering into the Audio-Visual Room. Curious that my classmates were rushing for something interesting, I inquired about it. As they shared to me about IVCF, they invited me to join the Freshmen Treat with them. Consequently, I decided to officially join the organization. I had a great time attending the Prayer Meetings, Large Groups and Discussion Groups.  It taught me to be good and diligent in my studies as a way of worship and service to God. It also exposed me to my role in the Great Commission.

After a few years of staying in the student movement, I  grew in my leadership skills and a lot more. I was even elected to be a junior officer. During those years, I have thrived to follow Jesus and His will for my life BUT NOT UNTIL I STEPPED OUT FROM HIS WILL TO SATISFY MY SELFISH DESIRE. I disobeyed God and eventually paid the price. I suffered the consequences of my rebellion. On 2016, I was inflicted with an unexpected ailment causing my friends to turn away from me due to some misconceptions. It forced me to temporarily stop from studying, implying a two year delay in college. Though it was a tough season of my life, I realized that it was also God’s gracious way of discipline. And so, in humble repentance I turned to God and He received me again. He has forgiven me. He rescued me from the fangs of death and brought forth restoration in my health and relationships. And soon afterwards, I was able to return to school on 2018.

Now, as a student, I am serving God through campus and church ministries. He re-directed my focus and has planted something new in my heart.

With the new hope and renewed strength God has given me, I am pursuing a life that pleases God, yet again. Now, by God’s grace, I am becoming the person that He wants me to be.