Wise Men (and Women) Still Seek Him

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As a youngster and member of our church choir (years ago!), one of the Cantata songs that has really touched me and continued to stay with me all through these years was “Wise Men Still Seek Him.” I find its message still ringing true today.

To me, the wise men’s wisdom is not just the head-knowledge or worldly kind of wisdom, although they certainly exhibited this because they were skilled in philosophy, medicine, religion and the natural sciences. But in spite of their seeming success and renown, they humbly went on a search for “the King of the Jews” because they have seen His star and have come to worship Him (Matt 2:2) – an indication that they may have been watching for it (did they know the prophecies?) and thus recognized it when it appeared.

We do not know exactly where these men came from; we are simply told that they were “wise men from the east” (Matt 2:1). We also do not know how many of them there were and for how long they traveled: 5 months? 9 months? 2 years?

In a recent visit to Mongolia, I had the opportunity to ride a two-humped camel and somehow experienced a tiny bit of what the wise men must have experienced in riding their camels for months on end, not minding the inconveniences and sacrifice to take the journey. They went on a physical and spiritual pilgrimage; their hearts were seeking for something, no, Someone they knew was worthy of their worship. Imagine their joy when the star guided them to where the child was! With abandonment, these dignified men fell down and worshiped the Christ-child, and presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

I look at these wise men and I want to be like them. In spite of the world’s accolades for what they have already accomplished, they readily put these down before Christ and counted Him more worthy of anything they had. They made me realize that the wise
are not the scholars, the scientists or the leaders. The wise are those, young or old, learned or not, who are willing to forsake everything else and simply fall down at His feet and adore Him!

Let us make them our example. May we, like these wise men continue to seek Him and give our all to Him, daily.

Have a very meaningful Christmas!

Christy Jutare