When Going To Baguio Meant Meeting Jesus

Two things piqued Sofia’s curiosity about the Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF): Bible stories and Baguio City. Invited to a high school Bible study group, she got fascinated by the stories shared by her Bible study leader. Sofia attended the meetings regularly until she was invited to Sibol Camp, an evangelistic summer camp for high schoolers.

Living over 180 miles and five hours away from the camp venue, Sofia recalled, “Yung gusto ko ay makapunta lang ng Baguio (I only wanted was to go to Baguio).” She couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the country’s Summer Capital. But she saw more than that. It was during the camp that she truly met Christ. A sit down with a staff addressed her questions on the Godhead while a small talk with another staff helped her appreciate the grace of God through Christ. With tears and a prayer, she received Jesus as her Savior and Lord.

That was five years ago. With her desire to continue to grow in the Lord, Sofia is now a leader in her campus chapter. As a recipient of God’s love through the people that ministered to her, Sofia desires to extend that to others. “Gusto kong magpagamit naman ako kay Lord upang makilala Siya ng iba. At sila naman yung maka-experience ng love ni Jesus (I want God to use me so that others may know Him and they, too, will experience the love of Jesus).”

“Yung gusto ko ay makapunta lang ng Baguio, pero yung will po ni Jesus ay makilala ko Siya (It was Jesus’ will for me to know Him).” Sofia set foot on Baguio for the first time in 2016. Since then, she has been on a journey – a journey of transformation.

(Sofia Rosendo is a senior Civil Engineering student at President Ramon Magsaysay State University in Zambales, Northern Luzon and serves as the Campus Artist and Administrative Director in her chapter.)


  1. Pray that IVCF will truly thrive as an agent of the gospel to students in a pandemic-stricken world.
  2. Pray that the newly formed Digital Ministry will be an effective tool to disciple and train student leaders via the virtual platform.

STAFF IN FOCUS | Jonahliza Sinday

Jonah’s dream was to become a Superintendent at the Department of Education. But when God called her to staff work, she obeyed. Come to think of it, Jonah’s present path has taken her to leadership heights that rival her dream. Serving as IVCF Regional Director for the Northern Mindanao Regional Unit and a part of the Management Team, Jonah leads with a regional and national scope. And while being a superintendent would have made her an influential figure for the students’ future, she now serves and leads for the students’ eternal destiny.




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