Not Your Typical Student

Being a student is inherently challenging. Being a student mid-pandemic is even more so. With most of the classes and requirements confined in a small rectangle, you cannot blame a student if he chooses to free himself from extra- or co-curricular burdens. Most settle to unclutter their already cluttered schedule from further responsibilities. But some consciously choose to do so – like Ian.

How about this for his student life: Electrical Engineering (graduating, no less), vice-president in their EE organization, president in his IVCF chapter, and church ministry worker. On top of all these, Ian is vying for Cum Laude!

Even before he entered college, Ian already heard of IVCF. Stories from his sister piqued his interest on the organization. He recalled, “Kaya pagdating ko po ng 1st year, nag-join po ako nung may nag-invite about sa SG (when I was in my first year, I joined when I was invited to a small group).” His involvement in the ministry greatly helped him grow in his spiritual journey. Fellowships, new-found connections, and trainings helped mold him from a student who feared rejection and responsibilities to a servant who embraced the privilege of leadership. “Mas naging maayos din po ang time management ko, social skills and love towards people,” Ian recounted of his improved time management, social skills and love for others.

But Ian does not allow these responsibilities to veer him away from the basics. His anchor remains in devotion and prayer life, for through these fundamentals God is able to journey with and reveal Himself to him. “Masaya po ako kasi nagagawa ko ang command ng Lord na ‘go and make disciple’ and ‘preach the word (I am happy because I am able to partake in God’s commands to ‘go and make disciple’ and ‘preach the word’),” Ian said.

Exchanging a challenging student life for a more challenging one may not be your typical student’s choice. But Ian is not your typical student. In choosing his path – and thriving at it – Ian shows that it can be done. But more importantly, this story is a testimony of God’s work in His willing servant – like Ian.

Ian Perez is a senior Electrical Engineering student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Maragondon Branch in Southern Luzon, Philippines. Kalasag Christian Fellowship is the name of their IVCF chapter.



  1. Pray that Ian and other graduating students will be able to finish their last year by giving their best. Pray that they will be sensitive to God’s leading for the next chapter of their lives.
  2. Pray that God’s provision will continue to flow and the generosity of ministry partners will continue to see fruits in the transformed lives of students, graduates, and staff.
  3. Pray that the staff will continue to reflect God’s love in the way they minister to students and graduates. Pray that such love and care and compassion will translate well even through virtual channels.

STAFF IN FOCUS: Lanilyn Arlegui, Metro Manila Regional Unit


Lanilyn’s Kawayan Camp (KC) 2007 experience was pivotal for her. Without any money, she was overwhelmed by God’s provision. While there, she prayed two things: that the sponsorship won’t be wasted, and that she desired to be a staff. God’s answers? No, it is not wasted and Yes, you will serve me through staff work.

Communications Staff
IVCF Philippines