Like Martha and Mary…

smru1“DLTC is a training not just for the campers but for the counselors as well. In fact, DLTC is here to make leaders. That’s the reason why counselors are here.” You are here.‖ This line pierced my heart as I unloaded all my burdens to one of the IVCF staff during the times of pressures in arranging schedules and planning for the betterment of the events’ sequence and assigned tasks.

The attitude of being ―obsessive-compulsive‖ is where I was grown into. Yes, I was bringing this attitude throughout my leadership in our campus, thinking that this will be a good way of leading my members to the right track. Perhaps two years of being a leader is a long period of exposure in IVCF, which could be the reason of my extreme confidence in handling things right. “Doer”, as they often name me whenever I am in the campus. Sounds good maybe but many things were unfolded when God brought me to another realization, a story to tell.

Last June 2015, I accepted the challenge to be part of the Executive Committee in DLTC 2015, particularly as a Curriculum Director. While the event was fast approaching, I was also preparing myself to carry heavy responsibilities. It was really uneasy and tiring especially if academics, family, organization, church and disciples, altogether at one time, were loaded in my backpack. However, I still need to step in. I could still remember those times I cried as if the world is turning against me.

Then the most important date has finally arrived to answer this call of duty– DLTC! Upon reflecting to these days of full service, I praise God that I was able to do my tasks, maybe not that prompt but at least, not that late. During the spiritual retreat [Luke 10:38-42] on my arrival, the name Martha has been resonated in my consciousness. Yes. Martha, the doer. I became more like her throughout the camp preparations. My heart had  burst out for tears on how God spoke to me. I am rebuked yet rejoicing!

For this profound and humbling lesson, the essence of being a Mary, embraces me during the camp days to revival. It had me to really quiet my spirit and be ready everyday in opening my two hands and one heart for His service despite vast demands in the camp.

Sometimes the pressure of getting the work well done would sadden and discouraged me. But the Lord keeps on reminding me to be dependent on Him. He taught me to be calm, patient and most especially, gentle and understanding in the works of the Lord. I was encouraged by my partner in this assigned task to become more listening to Him. Praise the Lord!

Added to it, the Lord has brought me to my humble beginnings in this faith journey when He reminded about my commitment in fulfilling His purpose – servanthood. There are still many things that I am grateful about as I involved myself to this camp. As I prayed to the Lord for a cheerful heart while on service, this has been granted to me so abundantly! I know that who I am right now and whatever my heart’s desire is part of God’s preparation for me to manifest His greater glory. I praise the Lord for revealing Himself to me. More to say, DLTC, while it is fun, it also transforms both the campers and organizers. Being a leader is an opportunity and serving the Lord is a privilege.

(Written by: Loverlyn Coniza; Edited by: Nedoka)

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