DLTC 2015 “Lose To Gain” Central & Eastern Visayas Regional Unit

Director’s Reflection

Three months has passed, but still I felt doubtful and unsure if I, being the Camp Director was qualified for the job description or chosen by God. During the past months, I would wake up in the middle of the night or at dawn and would silently whimper, “Lord, is this really your will?”

To quit would be a convenient choice but the Lord has been very gracious and patient with me. He has been my comfort and my refuge. During our pre-camp, the quiet time’s passage was in Jeremiah 1. Jeremiah told the Lord, that he was young and inexperienced and he couldn’t speak ,but the Lord told him, that he was chosen. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” It was the answer or the comfort should I say that I longed for, for the past few months.

I praise Him for teaching me so many things in the camp. I have learned the value of keeping oneself calm, being quiet, to ask and seek the Lord’s guidance and direction. “Cast all your cares in the Lord for He cares for you”, has not only been a reminder or a concept but it became a response in difficult situations—to place one’s confidence not on oneself but on God.

The Lord breaks what He purposes and He changes what He wills. Sometimes I wonder why these things have happened, but I’ve realized that in all these things God is in control. He is sovereign. “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” Maybe I’ve relied too much in our well-polished plans, that I have forgotten to seek the Lord if this is His will. “The Lord’s purpose is always better than our plans.” In all these things, the Lord has become near and real.

To God be all the Glory!

-Angela Villagonza
DLTC 2015 Director



[su_spoiler title=”Ghift Lynbel Sumagaysay – Silliman University” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]

I praise God for He has blessed me by making me join this camp. God has opened my eyes to the things I have known before but have not applied with, and blessed me as well with the knowledge that I have acquired here in this camp through the people He used.

God has used this camp to make me realize that I have not given up everything and that I was still tightly holding on to the things that had given me temporary satisfactions. Through the speakers that He used, I saw that the time and energy I spent before was mostly spent on reading, surfing the net and other activities that did not give glory to God. I was blinded by the things the world offers than what God offered. But by the grace of God, I am thankful that He used this camp to make me see the truth that I will never be satisfied with worldly things but only I can be satisfied and contented in Godby seeking Him, spending time to know Him more and surrendering to Him everything.

I have also realized that I have not fully surrendered myself to Jesus Christ. I did things based on what I wanted to do and didn’t see the things Christ had wanted me to do. I avoided myself in obeying God so I would not be the target of the people around me, and I have realized that I shouldn’t do that. I am a Christian and I have decided to submit to His commands and to be joyful even if others persecute you.

Now, I am willing to be changed and used by Him who gave His everything for me. I will stand firmly in my faith, be joyful in every circumstance, not conforming to the world and apply everything I have learned in this camp when I go back and face the real world.

-Ghift Lynbel Sumagaysay
3rd Year BSCE
Silliman University
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God is great. The beauty and experiences in this camp is unforgettable especially the people I’ve met. In every activities and sessions, the Word of God tells me that I should change. I was a worldly Christian but God changed my view in life that whatever we achieved in this world is nothing compared to Christ who is everything. This camp is used by God for me to hear His Word and to change me. All glory belongs to God. God

-Jefferson Bantiles, 4th Year
Visayas State University

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Truly, God has better plans for each one of us. Before when I was not yet a Christian I sinned many times a day – telling false stories about other people, judging people easily without even knowing them, dishonoring my parents, being so selfish, boastful and lazy. However, when I started living a Christian life, honestly, I haven’t realized and noticed that these attitudes were slowly fading away. I learned to respect and love those people around me – my parents, friends, classmates, neighbors, and even those whom I’ve hated before. I am still young in my Christian life, but I know God works wonderfully in my life and in other peoples lives especially if you are a follower of His will and has accept Him as your only God.

Indeed, when you are a Christian your entire life is little by little being changed for the better. It is now God who rules your life – not money, cellphone, the FB and other earthly things and desires.

Personally, I learned to love God above all. I learned to love His creation, His Word. Before this is what I usually pray, “I pray Lord that You will help me get a perfect score in our exams today so that I’ll have a good grade at the end of the semester.” Now I pray that God may continue to touch my heart, give me enlightenment and strength so I could know Him more and that I could share His Word to other people.

With the DLTC camp, I could say that it is a great experience. Not only because I gained a lot of friends but also because I gained Christ and I gained a lot of realizations and experiences of knowing Christ personally. Moreover, DLTC did not only disciplined me with regards to following activities and task schedules and the like but in terms of spirituality. Yes, being in the camp is all worth it. Truly worth it.

-Judy Ann Rodriguez, 3rd Year
BSED English
Cebu Normal University


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