“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher


Gratitude for God’s faithfulness and gratitude to our ministry partners for their generosity inspired the IVCF Thanksgiving Dinner held on November 28 at the Shangri-la Restaurant on West Avenue, Quezon City. (see photo albums 1, 2, 3)

The theme #Grateful aptly described the gathering of 97 ministry partners composed of IVCF alumni, representatives of partner churches, IVCF pioneers, former IVCF staff and volunteers and friends of IVCF staff; all of whom God used and are continuously using to sustain His work in and through IVCF. They were all our guests of honor on that night when we affirmed them for their generosity to the movement.

The occasion also aimed to raise funds for Kawayan Camp (KC) 2016, hence IVCF Staff, Rachel Jentapa and Rein Arlegui, sang some KC theme songs for the guests while they were having dinner.

Student leaders of our IVCF and ISCF chapters in Metro Manila presented a skit about students then and now. Their skit portrayed how the context of the student world has changed from the early years, through the heights of student activism in the ‘70s and to the technological advances of this decade. They showed that while the context for student ministry has changed the radical need for students and communities to have Jesus as Savior and Lord remain the same.

Following the skit were testimonies from two of the students-leaders. Wii Dingle, vice-president of the Manila Leaders’ Council and vice-president of the Kalasag Christian Fellowship (IVCF chapter in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines) described how participating in the various training events of IVCF helped shape him as a leader. Sat Sugita shared about how God used her experience at the ISCF National Leadership Discipleship Camp last summer to teach her about the value of spending time with Him every day. She spoke about how she has often felt God prompting her to spend time with Him and how this daily practice has sustained her through the stress of academic life. Sat is one of the ISCF student-leaders in Philippine Science High School.

IVCF National Director, Ms. Christy Jutare, also gave a brief ministry update highlighting the progress of the ministry towards its strategic priorities, namely: Incarnational Witness, All-of-life Discipleship, Holistic Missions, Servant-Leadership, and Sustainable Movement. She shared pictures from our nine regional units of our ISCF and IVCF students engaged in ministry. She pointed out how all these had been made possible by God through the committed support of our ministry partners.

On that note, it was fitting that IVCF recognized the ministry partners and affirmed their partnership. Tokens of appreciation were given to our Ruby Donors, Silver Donors and Gold Donors. Students read messages of thanks to these donors on behalf of all the students who were recipients of their generosity.

Ms. Ivanna Dela Peña, one of the Gold Donors, gave a response message on behalf of all of the donors. She shared how the Lord has ministered to her as she gives to the Lord’s work. “Giving should be a way of life,” she said, “and we must acknowledge that we are only stewards of what God has blessed us with; therefore we must be open and willing to give when the Lord tells us so because everything comes from Him.” She testified that the Lord is faithful to give us joy in our hearts and His abundance as we obey Him in our giving.

Ptr. Herman Moldez, Chairman of the IVCF Board of Trustees, culminated the Thanksgiving Dinner by reminding the fellowship that those who call themselves blessed are also called by God to bless others. The fellowship responded generously to his challenge and gave a total of PhP 417,200 and $110 in actual gifts and pledges.

The night ended with the eighteen staff workers leading the fellowship in heartily singing an IVCF favorite hymn ‘Tunay Kang Matapat.’


Gifts were designated as follows:

  1. Cash/Checks
 Kawayan Camp:  Php 44,900
 Staff Conference:   Php 15,900  $50
 Gen Fund:  Php 32,000
PC/Staff Salaries Php 20,000 $60


  1. Pledges
 Kawayan Camp:  Php 39,100
 Staff Conference:   Php 42,100
 Gen Fund: Php 218,200  (P18,100/month)
Others Php 5,000


IVCF wishes to thank the following for their support during the Thanksgiving Dinner:

  • Dennis Merano and Ms. Xaris Tamayo, emcees
  • Ivanna Dela Peňa for her testimony as an IVCF donor
  • Wii Dingle and Ms. Sat Sugita for their student testimonies
  • Manila Leaders Council and ISCF students for the student presentation
  • IVCF Board of Trustees