Re-Tire! Re-Imagine Possibilities

We continue to rethink our practices, processes, programs and approaches to contextualize them to the present set of students and graduates, as we are challenged to re-imagine possibilities on how the ministry would look like in the next years.

1. Re-imagine possibilities to engage the students and campus. Our journey to implement the Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 continues. Our “ears are on the ground” to listen and learn more about the new generation of students to so we can bring the age-old gospel and its truths in a language they understand. We want to see our students engaging with the whole campus that includes not just other students, but also the teachers, school authorities and other personnel.

  • a. Conduct school surveys to get the pulse of students.
  • b. Investigate and invest in creative ways to engage the new generation (e.g. Mark Drama).
  • c. Write and produce new material. Edit/reprint other IVCF material.

2. Re-imagine possibilities for Kawayan Camp (KC) and other camps. To address the challenge of reaching different sets of students having dissimilar school calendars (some schools still opening in June while others in August), regional staff have either moved or moving summer and semestral-break camp schedules to dates that can accommodate more students. For Kawayan Camp (KC) next year, the plan is to hold two shortened fifteen – (Advanced Leadership Training) ALT Curriculum – one in April /May for schools with June opening and one in June/July for schools with August opening.

3. Re-imagine possibilities for the International Students Ministry (ISM). Our thrust in Missions on campus is through developing the International Students Ministry to give IVCF students opportunities to learn about, engage with and share God’s care to others from different cultures. Pray with us for movers and volunteers to help us in this ministry.

4. Re-imagine possibilities to engage the graduates (IVG). Our new graduates are the millennials! And ouolder graduates are seniors, while others are middleaged. How can we journey with them in the life/work challenges they face and continue to help them to be lights and salts in their workplaces and homes at their specific life stages?

5. Re-imagine possibilities for staff care.

  • a. Training – continue the senior leadership development program for regional directors, senior and intermediate rank staff to prepare them to take broader responsibilities within the organization.
  • b. Staff Salary Rationalization to be done in stages.

6. Re-imagine possibilities for partnerships. IVCF has been blessed by great partnerships with alumni, churches, IFES, PCEC, students and other like-minded groups. We have benefited and grown because of these partnerships; its time to look ahead and find ways to be a blessing, partner with and serve others.

7. Re-imagine possibilities for sustainability. We continue to look forward and develop best- practices, processes and systems to bring IVCF towards the road to health and sustainability as a ministry and an organization.

8. Re-imagine possibilities for mobility. Purchase of an IVCF vehicle to serve ministry needs.

9. Re-imagine possibilities for a new facility. In honor of a very beloved General Secretary who has recently gone home to be with the Lord, it will be named
Dr. Isabelo F. Magalit Leadership Development Center. The plan (as has been shared a few years back), is for the construction of a four-storey building at the IVCF property which can serve as a venue for evangelistic, discipleship, leadership and missions development for students and graduates and open for use by churches and other partners.