Meet Ralph

Hello. I am Ralph Alvior, a 4th year student of BS Education majoring in Social Studies in RMTU and a member of RVCF. I became a Christian through RVCF. When I was still in first year college, my friends and I were walking inside the campus during Intramural when we bumped into one of my high school buddies, Jonas who was then already a member of RVCF. During that time, we didn’t know that they have an ongoing evangelism event. When Jonas, together with two other members of RVCF (Kuya Aljon and Mitzi), saw us waiting for a game in the gymnasium, they approached me and jerry. Kuya Aljon shared the Gospel with us, and invited us to join them in their office and that was the start of my involvement in the ministry. That event led us to start an SG, where the members were me and my high school friends studying in RMTU. We decided to call the group “The Seekers” as we all promised to seek the truth of Christ together. Through the course of the GIG (Group investigating God) sessions with Kuya Aji (our SG leader & graduate volunteer) for a few months, we learned who Christ is, who we are, what He offers and our need to surrender to Him to accept His gift of grace, love, forgiveness and eternal life.

It was on December 2, 2014 when I finally decided to surrender my life to Christ. After that, we also decided to find a church to grow and serve. We also started serving in RVCF. We became student leaders-in training when we joined the students’ month program where I was chosen to become the Secretary of RV for the whole month of February 2015. Since then, my commitment and service in RV switched from being part of the Praise and Prayer team to being the campus artist, while joining regional IV camps and events. These all helped me become a changed person and strive to become Christ-like. And just last summer, I joined Kawayan Camp 2017.

Through Inter-Varsity, my mindset changed and I now find the bible interesting and a good topic for discussion. I learned to appreciate and understand God’s story in me through the bible since I became part of this ministry. I can say that my self-perception also changed and learned my identity in Christ that I should be confident about. (I learned how to smile for a camera now and can even take my own selfies now). People see that I am no longer the shy and quiet Ralph they once knew back in high school and early college time. All of these, I realized, was God’s way to use me for His kingdom, which started through RVCF. From the perspective of my career, the experience and skills I gained because of my Inter-Varsity involvement is practically useful in my chosen profession of teaching.

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