Loving God and Loving our Peers

Eight (8) students and five (5) graduates completed the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Training held last August 11, 2018 at the IVCF Building in Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. This training is designed to equip disciples of Christ to make disciples. Peer-to-Peer is about building Christ-like friendships and planting God’s truth in these friendships. Peer-to-Peer also equips participants to invite friends to respond to Jesus and follow-up those who commit to Jesus.
After the training, one participant said she felt more confident about sharing Jesus to others. Another participant recommended the training to a friend because he found it practical and doable. Here is what our other P2P participants also say about their experience:

“The Peer to Peer training reminded me once again about the vital purpose of my Christianity. I was encouraged and at the same time challenged to continue on reaching for my unbelieving friends and relatives so that they may know Jesus Christ in a more personal way. Indeed, making disciples is not an easy process, but obedience is the key to unlock the very purpose of this life. It was a fulfilling experience to recall the Great Commission and Great Commandment of God to be a witness and a discipler to new believers. I thank God for the IVCF Staff for conducting the training because I am now confident enough to face challenges as I journey with the Lord for the lives of the people whom God will entrusted in my LOVE PATH.”

Amy Terrazola, Polytechnic University of the Philippines graduate

“Attending the Peer-to-Peer Training despite the bad weather condition encouraged me to share God’s love to others despite the challenges and difficulties. I was reminded that I am accountable for people who have not heard anything about Christ, I am accountable for their lost souls. They are worth the time and effort to be with and build a relationship that is moving towards an intimate relationship with God by introducing who Jesus Christ is: the Savior and Redeemer, the Truth and the Life, the only way to the Father.”

Klebsiella Joiz Pasion, University of the Philippines Los Banos student

“Early this year, I received God’s call for me to help in rebuilding/re-establishing the 50-year old ministry of IVCF in PCU Manila. Having been completely detached from the ministry for almost seven years now, I questioned my readiness and capacity to ‘Go’ and obey. Our God is truly a God who enables us to do great things! When I heard about the Peer to Peer Training, I did not have second thoughts about attending. The training gave me fresh ideas on how to reach students for Christ (Reaping part of the CPR). It also allowed me to not just appreciate my role as a graduate volunteer but also identify the areas where I can still improve as a disciple-maker. I can say that now, I am more than ready to go back to the campus and share the restorative message of the cross of Christ to the students in PCU (and beyond). I pray that more graduates will be equipped thru IVCF’s Peer to Peer Training.”

Jerome Montes, Philippine Christian University graduate

“I learned how blessed we are to be given the opportunity in sowing His seeds. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn how to speak the truth in love. I am eager to teach what I’ve learned to anyone willing to listen; and to keep praying that God would open the blind eyes and the deaf ears because in the end we are tasked to share (plant the seeds), but God is the one who changes people’s hearts (makes the seeds grow).”

Joash Dellota, college student

The training was facilitated by IVCF Metro Manila Field Staff Sam Redelosa, Cyreen Dela Cruz, and Mark Jordan and Di Fernandez, IVCF Field Director.

IVCF can help equip your members to become disciplers by conducting the Peer-to-Peer Training for your campus fellowship or church. Send IVCF Metro Manila a private message or email us at ivcf-mmru@ivcfphil.org.