From Sibol to Being a Disciple

by: Levi Joshua D. Ampit
Levi Joshua expounded on “Being a Disipulo” at the Kawayan Camp 2018

Summer of 2013, I was invited by a church mate to join Sibol Camp. Growing up in a Christian family, I was immersed unto the Christian way of living; going to church every Sunday, prayer meetings every Saturday and Bible studies during the weekdays. It has been a part of my life and will always be. So when I was invited, I didn’t really want to join since I was getting tired of my “routine” life. I felt like, joining that camp would just not be helpful to me personally. Though I was hesitant at first, I decided to join and till now I still say that it is still one of the best events that happened in my life. Because of that camp, I was involved in the IVCF movement and got more involved in my church.

Throughout my college life, I have been involved with IVCF- NMRU and it has helped me become closer to God. God used IVCF to bring me closer to Him and to be part of the building of His Kingdom. Through IVCF I have learned many things about myself and about my Creator.

First, I have learned the importance of Devotion. IVCF introduced me to Quiet Time. Quiet time is a spir-itual exercise wherein you devote an hour or two of your day to read and listen to God’s Word in solemn retreat or even with your family and friends. Quiet time has really helped me in a lot of ways. In times of downs, sadness, happiness, or in a spirit of celebrating, I read His Word and I am reminded of how awesome our God is and how great His love for us.

Second, I am equipped as a Leader. IVCF has opened my eyes to the world of Leadership. Not just any kind of leadership but leadership inclined to God’s val-ues. I have learned my importance in leading my chapter and leading students to Him. I have learned that God created me to become a leader in my campus, church and even in my home.