Get to know Mica

From “Madel’s Musings”

Two thousand fifteen was a year of more meaningful relationships with students. Staying in a place nearest to most of our campus chapters made me hear and see struggles and growth among them.

Mica (white shirt) with her small group.
Mica (white shirt) with her small group.

Let me tell you about Mica, a freshman student. She attended our leadership and discipleship camp last October where she was one of the many delegates who is a new Christian in a non-Christian family. Right after the camp, together with her small group mates, they went to a bookstore and purchased a new Bible. She became more active in the campus fellowship, Geattending small group and large group meetings. Just this month, January, Mica decided to fully declare her faith by undergoing water baptism and be a member in a bible-believing church. Praise God indeed for using Mica’s fellow-students in her Christian journey. May she grow more deeply in the experience and knowledge of our Lord.

On a different note, it was also a year of various pruning for me. The Lord taught me lessons on grace and forgiveness which came hand-in-hand as I walked through this journey of faith and relationships. It was also a year where choosing to suspend judgment even to strangers was taught by the Lord.

The past year was not ordinary. It made me feel like I am on different sides of a rope. One moment, my heart is warmed by different stories but at other times, the struggle of trusting people was real.

Throughout the year, I looked forward to the “rest” 2016 would be giving. Please pray for me. I’ll be taking my 6-months Sabbatical Leave by September this year. Pray for discernment as I listen to Him. It is my heart’s desire that I could do some volunteer work while having my leave “to get in-touch with humanity”. I still have no exact plans where to go to during the leave. Pray that I may spend my “rest” wisely. Pray also for proper transition with my fellow staff who would be left in the region during that time.

This April, I will be directing the one-month intensive leadership camp of Inter-Varsity Philippines. Pray for wisdom and love in leading the team. Pray also for provision as we raise Php 750,000 for the camp subsidy.

Thank you for journeying with me in this calling!

Pagpalain Kayo! 🙂

Madel Cañon
Staffworker – Southern Luzon Regional Unit