Favored Beyond Expectation

I can say that before, I was a man who didn’t have any direction. A man who I can say was always blown and tossed by the wind. Yes, I went to church but then I did not know why I do. Maybe because it was a requirement in my studies. I did not even know the real essence of worship. I knew that there is God but I was unaware that He’s really working and I didn’t recognize that He is the source of every-thing that I have. After I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord four years ago, everything changed.


Knowing and experiencing Christ’s love and grace really changed my perspectives. Indeed His grace abounds in very mysterious ways. I never expected to be in the place where I am now and to have the title that the Lord had blessed me more than I deserve. Highest glory belongs to our Loving God for indeed He is good and His love endures forever. He really knows my needs and is able to sympathize with my human nature.


I knew that my family did not have sufficient or enough income so I did not expect to finish my tertiary education. As what my parents said, “Ta, tama na siguro nang two years mu nga skwela kay wala nata kwarta.” (“Ta, maybe two years is just enough because we lack the fund to continue your studies.”) I smiled and said, “Sige nay ah, pero mangita japun ko pama-agi nga makatapos ko”. (“Okay Mom, but I’ll find a way to finish my course.”) Filled by God’s fa-vor and grace, I became a caretaker of Kabacan Southern Baptist Church which served as an avenue for me to grow spiritually and where I was able to apply my learning in IVCF. I be-came an effective Sunday school teacher and at the same time a President of the young people for almost two years. Out of my expectation, I was able to finish my tertiary education in USM-Kabacan while actively participating as an IVCF student-leader and as a church worker all because of His favor and grace. The same is true after I graduated. I did not expect to take the board exam due to lack of financial pro-visions but God is really our Jehovah Jireh. He met all my needs. God used some IV-grads, churchmates and professors to support me during my review especially the monetary support I needed. Yes! I did. I took the Licensure Examination for Criminologists and our living God who is alive, active and beyond measure, allowed me to pass the exam. His favor really surpassed beyond my expectations. It is so overwhelming. I am joyful and glad serving the Almighty, the One who initiates and keeps on pursuing an intimate love relationship to-wards me.

I owe my learning, skills and everything in the Lord! He significantly uses Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship to equip and prepare me to obey Him. Responding to His call is a privilege and opportunity. Giving Him the prime years of my youth, I’m committed to be a Staff Representative of IVCF in Southern Mindanao Regional Unit in the next three years. (Written by: Efren “Tata” G. Rubino, the region’s new Staff Representative who came from IVCF USM-Kabacan.)

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