A New Set Of Lenses

She cried when she finished as Salutatorian in high school. Second best only. Not that Rae Ann wasn’t proud of her accomplishment, she just thought that this “lesser” accomplishment had disappointed her family. Raised to be number one all the time, Rae admitted that she was once “lost in the mindset that the greatest achievement in the world is to be an excellent person of finest quality in front of other people.”

Rae used to dislike having some of her study time eaten away by other activities. But her involvement with IVCF opened her eyes to a grander vista – beyond achievements and accolades in academics. The ministry’s holistic discipleship approach exposed Rae to a whole new level of spirituality. Her visits to the IV home usually involved washing dishes and cleaning. She found doing these tasks different from her passive, church-goer mentality. But in those moments of doing menial chores, Rae steadily grew. Her talks with staff workers and other students also broadened her understanding on how to live out their Bible study lessons. Slowly, she saw the wider community, which has greatly expanded her former myopic view of life.

All these are rooted in the centrality of Christ in her life. Rae’s Kuyas and Ates in the fellowship emphasize embracing Jesus as Lord in all areas of her life – not just in her studies. That is why she remains firm in her commitment “to serve Him through the ministry.” Rae immerses herself in “serving other people, reaching out to students,” among other things. She now leads a discipleship group in her school, journeying alongside her staff worker Gretchen.

Rae used to measure her worth by the number of awards she amassed. “But now,” she says, “I am transformed to the belief that the greatest pursuit and achievement I can have is to be with the Lord, be His servant.” But this is not to say that this junior Psychology major has become an academic delinquent – two Dean’s List awards (top honors, no less) should quell such thought. This is just saying that Rae has donned a new set of lenses, one that shifts her focus from her medals to her Maker. And these new lenses fit her just right.

(Rae Ann Feguracion is a third year BS Psychology student at University of Mindanao Tagum College. She is also a student representative of the Southern Mindanao Regional Advisory Council.)


  • Pray for Rae and other student-leaders that they will pursue excellence in their studies together with all other areas of their lives. Pray that they will be able to balance their time for school and ministry in this New Normal.
  • Pray for the continuing Kingdom Calling Webinar Series every Saturday (until June 12). Pray for the speakers, that they may hear from the Lord and speak with clarity. Pray for the attendees, that they may be receptive of and responsive to the message.
  • Pray for the continued provision for IVCF Philippines. Also, speak blessings to the generous givers, that God will continue to honor their hearts to give.