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Beyond the activities, the fun and excitement of doing God’s work, I learned that I have to be intentional, not merely doing it because other people are watching, or because this is what a good Christian should do. DOING MORE means “in depth”, never shallow. In IVCF, I learned how to study the Bible in depth, to pray in depth and have deep relationship with the students and staff.

  I came from a religious family. My grandparents served in our community church and my mother, back when she was still alive, was a church officer. Firm in their belief, they kept the traditions and practices of their religion. Growing up under their influence, I was encouraged to take active participation too in the church’s […]

As a region, Metro Manila has developed uniquely and plays a peculiar role in the national movement. Our stakeholders – students, graduates, volunteers, partners, and staff – gathered last Saturday to further explore and form our identity as a regional unit. Ms. Mutya Capuno facilitated an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) exercise that enabled the stakeholders to […]

We continue to rethink our practices, processes, programs and approaches to contextualize them to the present set of students and graduates, as we are challenged to re-imagine possibilities on how the ministry would look like in the next years. 1. Re-imagine possibilities to engage the students and campus. Our journey to implement the Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 […]

HIGHLIGHTS 1. Crafted the Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 – fruit of a long process of consultations, research, Bible-based listening to God, three-day staff interactions and strategic planning, and two-day retreat/interactions with the Board. By the end of the process, we were able to achieve the following: Refreshed our understanding of IVCF’s identity and answered the […]

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