We are a Christ-centered community of Filipino students and graduates engaged in extending God’s kingdom worldwide.


To disciple students and graduates for Christ in all areas of life to serve the campuses, churches and communities.

A New Lens To See

Through Kawayan Camp, the Lord widened my understanding and has granted me new lens to see the world. He has given me a new heart to know what He truly feels and reminded me that He’s still holding the world in His hands despite everything that is happening.  Read more

Lost and Fatherless

I came from a broken family. When I was still young, my father left us because he found another woman. Because of that hurting situation, my mother decided to take me to her relatives in Manila where we lived for 3 years.  Read more

No Other Day

Good Friday is more poignant than most of the holidays we celebrate. It is and should be a most precious day to Christ-followers around the world. Honored as the day Christ died, it was certainly “NO ORDINARY DAY”. This Day points to Jesus Christ – who He is and why He died. On this day, His death on behalf of sinners was marked by indescribable love amid unfathomable pain.  Read more