Vision Statement

We are a Christ-centered dynamic community of students and graduates worldwide, who are faithful servant-leaders, influencing all sectors of society towards a God-fearing, just, peaceful, and prosperous nation and world.

Mission Statement

We passionately and faithfully disciple students and graduates for Christ in all areas of life and equip them as servant-leaders engaged in holistic ministries.


Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a non-profit religious corporation which seeks to establish autonomous chapters or fellowship of Christian students in different levels of educational institutions and among professional in the market place to nurture personal and corporate faith in, love for and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Love for me is the center of all. Love is the precious and greatest gift of God for us.
Love is free for all. I know that love is true when there is understanding, commitment and respect to one another.
True love waits.”

Clarence, delegate
IVCF Southern Mindanao DLTC 2014