FROM CURIOSITY TO COMMUNITY: A High Schooler’s Faith Journey


Curiosity led him to a club in his high school. Something more made him stay.

Zek, an eighth grader at OPRRA National High School in Cebu City, heard for the first time about clubs in his school. One such club was the ISCF CARE Club, spearheaded by the club adviser, Mrs. Noemishelle Cabajar. His interest piqued, Zek joined in October 2022. It was during the meetings that he developed friendship with other attendees. The club gave him a safe space to socialize and the “chance to be with other young people and even talk and share with the higher grade level students.”

But more than finding new friends, Zek stayed in the club because they seriously studied the word of God. Still new to the faith, he found their Bible studies to be opportunities for growth. He encountered biblical lessons and principles that guided him. For one, he “learned to be responsible and attentive.” Being a club officer, he strived to accomplish his tasks with excellence. He also developed patience, albeit slowly. “I was hot headed before and needed to learn patience. Being an officer in the club gave me a way to care and to exercise patience,” he said. He learned to look after those under his care, and sometimes circumstances tested him. But despite his rising anger and disappointment, he learned to be more gracious to others. He also became conscious of his habit of cursing, and so slowly, Zek became aware of the Holy Spirit’s transforming work in that area. So, too, with life in general. “Life is a little bit bearable when facing challenges,” Zek said, “because I have God whom I can always run to and whom I can always ask for help.”

The study of the word also opened Zek’s eyes to the sharing of it. He experienced Jesus’ salvation and the changes in his life. He also wanted others to learn of it. That is why it is his prayer that “daghan ang mo-join sa ISCF and naa silay commitment towards ni Jesus.” Many would join ISCF and they would commit their lives to Jesus.

Zek still has several high school years ahead of him. As he continues to grow in his faith through the ISCF Care Club, he could potentially encounter other curious students. And, just as he found a Christian community among his peers, he could help others with their own faith journeys. And that could just be the answer to his prayer.

[According to his peers, Ezekiel Presbitero is caring and loving, straight to the point, and both quiet and loud.]



Pray for Zek and the ISCF CARE Club, that they will be a witnessing community at OPRRA NHS. Pray also for Club Adviser Mrs. Cabajar, who diligently brings the gospel to the students.

Pray for all the IVCF field staff who have high school Bible study groups in the country. Pray for strength and energy, patience and passion as they journey with the students.

Pray for the upcoming high school evangelistic and discipleship camps in the different regions. Pray for provision. Pray that through these camps and trainings, lives would be transformed.


FEBRUARY IN HINDSIGHT | IVCF Movement in the Regions

In Northern Luzon, the Ramonian Varsity Christian Fellowship in Zambales wrapped up the semester via a large group fellowship with the theme, “What are you thirsty for?”

In Metro Manila, student chapters at Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) – Taguig and Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) – Manila held large group fellowships on the importance of knowing and experiencing Jesus who offers salvation to mankind.

In Bicol, a graduate opened her house for meetings of the staff and the chapter officers at Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges.

In Central and Eastern Visayas, former IVCF BOT Faith Coremo now serves as a Graduate Team (GT) Volunteer in her home province, Bohol, reaching out to high schoolers.

In Western Visayas, the staff conducted a ViVo (Vision and Vocation) Training to the students at Educators Christian Fellowship in Philippine University-Visayas.

In Northern Mindanao, 45 students attended a banquet celebration themed, “What If?” with graduate panelists who answered their questions about love.

In Caraga, student chapters held Feb-ibig events, specifically True Love Waits, in different campuses.

In Southern Mindanao, five large group fellowships were conducted for students and graduates, centering on Love, Courtship, Sex and Marriage.


Faith Coremo spoke on a True Love Waits event at a high school in Jagna, Bohol.