When God interrupts

Eden Malait | IVCF Staff

“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people…a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”

The visitation of the “gods” is always an exciting and frightening event. Man’s nature is to give and prepare the best for the coming of the “big” people. One visitation that caught the Jews off guard was the coming of the Messiah in this world. The shepherds were frightened by the appearance of the angels but were excited by the great tidings they brought. King Herod and all Jerusalem with him were disturbed by the news of the wise men from the East that the King of the Jews was born and they had come to worship him. Until now, my limited understanding about God can not fully describe nor comprehend the majesty and awesomeness of God becoming man.

The great and sovereign Creator-God has chosen to box himself in human confinement and frailties. The Almighty One, the One who owns all things, the One who sets order, laws, and standards for His creation has chosen to be identified with the poor, weak, and vulnerable. He chose to die for man’s sake! He chose to die in order to save man from his evilness and corruption. He chose to die that man might have new and abundant life and live in and through Him. His death on the cruel cross is for man’s gain. His coming into the world is indeed a great joy and good news for all people who are lowly yet wise enough to acknowledge that they need God’s interruption.

The cross of Jesus Christ is not something I or any of His followers should glory about! Yet the forefathers of the Christian faith had chosen the cross to be the emblem of the incarnate God, the Son of Almighty God, which is Jesus Christ the Lord.

What is in the cross that I should glory about? What is in Christ’s suffering that I should be proud of? I cannot fully understand that the Creator God chose to die a cruel death to save His creation. He chose the worst death for the just and right punishment for the worst sinner! He embraced and submitted to it!

The coming of the Son of God into the world is the good news as the angel proclaimed it to the shepherd. It is good news to those who believe. It is good news to those who acknowledge that they are perishing. It is good news for those who confess that they are poor, weak and needy of God’s salvation.

So, why should I, a follower of God, glory about all these things? Why should I glory about these weaknesses? Why should I embrace this “absurd” and peculiar teaching of the Christian faith? Why?

One thing I know. I was a good-to-nothing rebellious person but I have found and experienced wonderful grace in the arms of this “foolish” God of Christianity, who is willing to embrace the cruel sufferings of the world that I may receive new life in Him.