Reimagine! Annual Corporation Meeting 2017

Braving the rains brought by typhoon Jolina, 147 members of the corporation showed up and took time to fellowship with one another, listen to the Word, receive reports of the Work being done, and renew their commitment to change the world one student at a time.

Last Saturday’s event, the IVCF Annual Corporation Meeting was held at a favorite place, the Faith Baptist Church at West Ave. cor Bulletin St. The program started at about 9 o’clock in the morning as people slowly came in despite the stormy weather. Amazingly, the Lord blessed us with a good one so that even the students were able to come as classes were suspended.

The event was streamed live and members from other regions of the country and the world were able to witness the whole activity.

“Discernment is growing attentiveness to where God is moving.” – Herman Moldez, BOT Chairman

Dr. Herman Moldez shared a short reflection on Haggai with emphasis on the theme ‘Re-imagine’. He concluded his talk by challenging the congregation with these words: “We can re-imagine to the sky only if we are anointed by God’s power, abide in his presence and resource the abundance of his provision through his people from among the nations.”

National Director Christy Jutare delivering the Annual Report.

IVCF National Director Christy Jutare then gave the report and highlights of the ministry for the past year and posed a challenge for continued partnership in the coming years. Mr. Rudy Mijares, the BOT Treasurer also provided the Financial Report for the past year.

A skit introduced IVCF’s’re-imagined’ strategic plan for the next 4 years. And then the ND shared about the Discipleship Process of IVCF and the ‘re-imagination’ of the ministry as a response to the needs of the generation today.

Four members of the Board of Trustees were elected: 1. Mr. GJeff Lamigo (reelected to serve for three years); 2. Mrs. Ivanna Dela Pena (three years); 3. Pastor Lito Wang(three years) ;and 4. Mrs. Faith Coremo (who will serve the remaining 1 year of Mr. Cesar Tallada).

The Corporation Meeting concluded with a commissioning prayer by Dr. Josil Gonzales and the lunch fellowship.

The concert’s goal was to help raise funds for the IVCF National Conference in December.

But wait! There’s more! After the lunch fellowship, a number of people stayed to receive a wonderful treat of music and singing from Mr. Jenmai de Asis, Ms. Lisa Cabahug, Mr. Ervin Lumauag, Ms. Marian Cabahug and the SATB Choir. The concert’s goal was to help raise funds for the IVCF National Conference in December. It was free but we got more than that we hoped for: really good singing and heartwarming music for the soul.

All in all, the event last August 26 was a blast. And we have the Lord to thank for that.