Pandemic Ponderings: God’s Sovereignty In Our Stories

The pandemic has surely impacted us in one way or another. We grapple with the new realities it brings, along with the potential risks, rewards, and anything in between. I am most certain that the past months have been replete with stories – hilarious, serious, and the whole spectrum of emotions – and insights that arose with them.

We at IVCF are planning to compile these stories from our constituents and come up with a booklet or brochure. The purpose is to inspire us with one another’s God-encounters and to see God’s greater work in the ministry.

With this, we invite you to share even just one of your stories. It is to be 500 words maximum. Your story doesn’t need to be grand; it just has to be memorable to you. You may choose to write using your own dialect. If you do so, please attach an English translation of your work.

For your guidance, your story shall consist of the following:

  1. A summary of what happened (one particular story). It may include dates, places, and persons. If there is a need for confidentiality (e.g. on the name of the person), please indicate.
  2. A lesson/insight that God taught you through that story.

To help us be efficient in the compilation process, please fill out the following data:Full Name:

  1. Present work (if graduate)/Course and Year (if student):
  2. School, course and year graduated:
  3. Regional unit:
  4. Present Address:
  5. Email address:
  6. Phone number:
  7. Title of your story (optional):

Please submit your story on or before Saturday, June 13, 2020.

God is sovereign, and His broad strokes are expressed in the finer details of our stories. Help us help others to see this in the larger perspective of IVCF Philippines, of which you and I have a privileged part.


Email your stories and information to: