Doing More…

by: Ernelyn B. Mariquit

I grew up in a Christian family. We’re not rich but we had contentment and even through adversities, we still find joy in the Lord. I was already active in the ministry since high school. I attend and facilitate camps, teach VBS and go to outreaches. I felt I was a good Christian doing these things. But when I went through college, especially when I got involved through IVCF, I learned to DO MORE.

Beyond the activities, the fun and excitement of doing God’s work, I learned that I have to be intentional, not merely doing it because other people are watching, or because this is what a good Christian should do. DOING MORE means “in depth”, never shallow. In IVCF, I learned how to study the Bible in depth, to pray in depth and have deep relationship with the students and staff.

It is in IVCF that I learned to share, knowing that I will be listened to. It is in IVCF that I learned to listen and be able to empathize. I never really experienced a lot of hardships in life, but it is in IVCF that I went through pain. Pain not because of my problems, but because I learned to empathize with the students. It was through that pain or burden that God is able to work in my life (and in every “ate” and “kuya”), enabling me to move and help.

My college life in IVCF was never smooth. But through ups and downs, IVCF became my family. I was able to do more by becoming a responsible ate and a good student-leader. God used IVCF to bless me so that I can bless others too.

Ernelyn B. Mariquit is an alumnus of Xavier University chapter. She got involved in IVCF first in Iligan City when she became member of MSU-IIT chapter be-fore she transferred to XU. She joined Kawayan Camp 2014 and became one of the faithful student-leaders in CDO. Currently, she works as finance officer at Nazaraios Child Development Foundation in Iligan City. She teaches young people at their church outreach and been faithful leader in her local church. She is involved too in facilitating seminars on Anti Human Trafficking.