ASU-CFMS chapter leadership training

Though August 29 is a holiday the leaders of the IVCF ASU-CFMS chapter in Aklan went to their campus not because of make-up class, but because today is there much awaited leadership training with our staff worker, ate Mitch Casiano, one of our GTs Shandel Arroz Gomez and some help from Rezel Rafa Ciriaco Agustino ,one of the student leaders at CVCF (CPU). This training was also attended by their adviser, Ms. Frensie Jimenez De Mateo, and their GT, Glacy Ciriaco Agustino.

We praise God for the 3 sessions tackled namely: 1)The Calling of a Student, 2) How to do Small Group and 3) Group Dynamics. We thank Him for the favorable weather and provisions. Journey with us in prayers as these students put into actions the visions they have for the fellowship along with their adviser and GT according to the will of God, may they have the courage and strength to reach out, have small groups and mentor. We bring back the glory to God!

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