Advance Mag-isip

by: Catherine Buyan

Contented and blessed-the words that describe the faces of both high school and college students around Iligan City as the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship had its Back-to-School program at the function hall of Jollibee, Tibanga, Iligan City last August 24, 2018.

At 6:00 pm, Tuesday, more than 70 people including IV staff and volunteers gathered together for the fellowship. It started with a prayer followed with a welcome address and introduction of IVCF by the regional staff Ate Jonahliza Sinday. The speaker of the said event was Sir Ephraim Ib-arra of MSU-IIT. Sir Ibarra’s message centered on the theme “Advance Mag-isip”. It was made clear by the speaker that a student’s life should be centered on being someone who is “advance mag-isip”, which means that lessons should be learned in advance for a better comprehension during actual discussions. Moreover, he added that the state of being an advance thinker can only be acquired if a student’s mind is anchored in God. For God is the one who reveals and makes us understand so that good judgements can be done during examination periods. He even made a told the students that if any of them graduates with honor, he will give him/her a reward. What might it be? Only the “advance mag-isip” will know.

Games also took place during the program as well as some ice breakers, until the dinner was served. This event was a start of the revival of this chapter. Indeed the event was a success given the happy faces of all. All glory and thanks-giving unto our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Catherine Buyan together with other MSU-IIT students

Catherine Buyan together with other MSU-IIT students