Milestones and Timeline 1


  • Gwen Wong arrives in Manila. Though only 15 students are interested, early-morning prayer meetings begin. Saturday afternoon meetings and eventually “Timothy club” meetings also are added for prayer, Bible study and to discuss witnessing.
  • Peter Kemery, an alumnus of British Inter-Varsity (now UCCF) and an executive of Shell Oil Philippines, also begins the Graduates Christian Fellowship (now changed to Inter-Varsity Graduates or IVG).


Students begin to form student-run groups in five campuses:

  • University of the Philippines, Diliman
  • University of the East
  • National University
  • Far Eastern University
  • Manuel Luis Quezon University


  • First week-long student conference and the first Filipino staff worker was appointed at this conference: Tomasa Francisco
    Tomasa Francisco started “Inter-School Christian Fellowship ” to reach high school students
  • Peter and Evelyn Kemery were assigned to Cebu City. Their home in Mango Avenue, Cebu City promptly became a center for student and graduate witness.
  • Canadian and InterVarsity USA staff Mary Beaton came to help.


  • The movement’s first graduates return to their hometowns and spread the student movement to Cebu, Davao and Iloilo.
  • Ephraim Orteza comes on staff


  • The first month-long Kawayan Camp was held in Murcia, Negros Occidental, attended by 21 students . Key national leaders emerged from this camp
    Leaders’ Councils in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod were appointed and installed


  • Leadership and Financial Responsibility turned over to nationals
  • [JUNE] IVCF became a truly indigenous movement as Ephraim Orteza was appointed as the first Filipino General Secretary
  • 3 staff workers: Tomasa Francisco, Emmanuel Pizana and Leticia Abakan
  • The newly-formed Board of Directors with Ruben Orteza, Sr. as Chairman launched out in faith by approving a P500 monthly budget.
  • [OCTOBER] The first student-led evangelistic Semestral Break Conference for college students was held in Baguio


  • The first National Missionary Convention was held in Baguio City, attended by about 160 students and graduates


  • The Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) department was started . IVCF’s reach extended to other spheres. In 1966 the Nurses Christian Fellowship began and Nancy Ureta was asked to serve as its staffworker. Nursing is a vocation perceived to have a unique influence on countless people in the area of Health Care delivery. And numerous nursing students were influenced to consider their role as spiritual caregivers too.


  • The IVCF Dream was articulated by Dr. Isabelo F. Magalit – In 1970, Dr. Isabelo Magalit articulated his dream of “a steady stream of students who love nothing more than they love Jesus and hate nothing more than they hate sin.” This dream started to take shape in the lives of early IV graduates who faithfully bear witness to God’s grace through the kind of life they live.
  • Nurses Leader’s Council was established


  • The Literature Ministry was started


  • Staff became active in socio-political issues


  • In December 1973, IVCF hosted the First Asian Student Missionary Convention (FASMC). The FASMC attracted 800 delegates from 25 countries in Asia and other parts of the world.
  • IVCF Bicol was pioneered by Tony Litam and Jade del Mundo in Naga City


  • Lisa Espineli (Chinn) and IVCF Philippines’ General Secretary Harvey Co Chien organized the first Graduate Team (GT) with the concept of graduates doing student ministry while practicing their respective professions (also known as ‘tent-making’). The first batch of GT who went to Davao were Thelma Absalon, Juliet Cunanan, Raymond Timothy Bicera, Ed de Guzman and Nonette Pizaña. Lisa Espineli (Chinn) accompanied and spent about a month with them.


  • IVCF sent its first overseas missionary, Leni Sison (Juarez), former staff for Cebu, to work with high school students in Mexico.


  • The Don Antonio property was acquired
  • The book “Spiritual Care, The Nurses’ Role” became part of the nursing curriculum through the efforts of Mrs. Felicidad Elegado


  • [AUGUST 15] IVCF moved in to the finally-completed IVCF Building at Don Primitivo Street, Don Antonio Heights


  • First Operation Samaria in Lubang Island, Mindoro Occidental


  • “Balikatan” was formed by a group of 25 graduates in the United States
  • [SEPTEMBER] SAGWAN, “Sagisag at Larawan” was formed with the goal of preaching the gospel through the arts.


  • The Board of Directors acted to take regionalization as a strategic direction for IVCF


  • IVCF in Baguio started with Bing Roncesvalles as staff and Meanne Martinez (Dela Cruz), Vylma Ovalles and Beth Osit (Cavida) as GTs


  • IVCF also hosted the East Asia Regional Conference 1989 in UP Los Baños with the theme, “Even So, Come Lord Jesus.” Many delegates from East Asia came to signify allegiance to Jesus Christ.


  • Bing Roncesvalles was seconded to the St. Lucian movement ISCF (Caribbean)


  • [JULY] Christy Jutare was seconded to IFES to help start work in Central Asia and the former Soviet Union.
  • Pioneering work in Caraga Region started


  • Elsie Calalang was appointed as the first female General Secretary


  • [JULY] After much prayer, waiting and working, the IV Home in Iloilo City was dedicated to the honor, service and glory of God


  • Celebrated 50th Anniversary at The National Conference with the theme ivcf@50.serve, held at Caliraya, Laguna. Blessed with the presence of Gwen Wong and former GSs
  • “Broad Strokes of a Dream Fulfilled” published.


  • [MAY 10-15] The first ISCF National Leadership Camp entitled “Upside Down” was held in Iloilo


  • CD Launching of Ginintuang Pasasalamat. A collection of IVCF songs.


  • Metro Manila was formally recognized as a region separate from the National Office


  • IVCF National Conference with the theme “New Horizon” was held at DAP Tagaytay City.


  • Southern Luzon was officially established as a separate regional unit from Metro Manila


  • Chi Rho Mundo-Operation Ahon, IVCF’s disaster relief arm, was launched


  • [DECEMBER] IVCF held the National Student Missions Conference


  • IVCF celebrated its 60th anniversary


  • ISCF, Inter-Varsity’s high school ministry celebrated 60 years with the theme “ISCF on the 60”


  • [DECEMBER] The National Conference with the theme “Repent. Renew. Rebuild” was held at CCT Tagaytay.