God Dependence Week


June 6-12, 2017

What is this for?

June 2013, we had a week of prayer and fasting to begin the new school year. It was a special year because it was our 60th anniversary. Later, we decided that it is a good practice to start every school year on our knees, acknowledging our total dependence on God. It is good for us to remember that He is our Creator, our Sustainer, and the One for whom we live. The week of prayer and fasting is also our way of saying that anything that will be accomplished in and through the IVCF ministry this school year will be purely by the grace and power of God.

How to use this guide

For us to DO the work of God, we must first BE the people of God.

This guide can be used by individuals or by groups. IVCF students are encouraged to meet with others between 10am to 3pm to fast and pray.

Do take time to quiet yourself, don’t rush. Allow the Scriptures to resonate in your heart. Welcome the Spirit to search you using the questions.

Finally, pray in response to God’s promptings. The prayer points are general in nature because we believe God will prompt you what to pray for.


Download the 1 week guide for the God Dependence Week below.

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