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Until My Last Breath

As a kid, I was a “church person” not until I started to experience the bittersweet facade of reality. I have experienced emotional trauma from past experiences and so, I started to deeply hate several people in my life and even questioned the existence of God. But then, things changed drastically as I entered college. […]

Stepping Up!

I was on my 4th year in high school when I started becoming curious about spiritual things. Back then, I remember a Christian teacher who would enter our classroom and teach about values and would share biblical thoughts. Growing up from a Catholic background, I had many questions and those discussions stirred in me the […]

Doing More…

Beyond the activities, the fun and excitement of doing God’s work, I learned that I have to be intentional, not merely doing it because other people are watching, or because this is what a good Christian should do. DOING MORE means “in depth”, never shallow. In IVCF, I learned how to study the Bible in depth, to pray in depth and have deep relationship with the students and staff.

Towards a Distinct Regional Identity

As a region, Metro Manila has developed uniquely and plays a peculiar role in the national movement. Our stakeholders – students, graduates, volunteers, partners, and staff – gathered last Saturday to further explore and form our identity as a regional unit. Ms. Mutya Capuno facilitated an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) exercise that enabled the stakeholders to […]

Loving God and Loving our Peers

Eight (8) students and five (5) graduates completed the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Training held last August 11, 2018 at the IVCF Building in Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. This training is designed to equip disciples of Christ to make disciples. Peer-to-Peer is about building Christ-like friendships and planting God’s truth in these friendships. Peer-to-Peer also equips […]