Warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In behalf of the IVCF Board of Trustees, I invite you to join the IVCF Philippines Annual Corporation Meeting on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at Faith Baptist Church, #4 Bulletin St. cor. West Avenue, Quezon City.

This year’s theme is “Moving Onward, Moving One-ward.” We press on joyfully and corporately in partnership with God to accomplish the work He has prepared for IVCF to do in these changing times. We pray that we will continue to be relevant as we strengthen our ministry to students and graduates all over the Philippines.

Please come at 8:00 am for registration. The program will begin at 8:30 am. We will have corporate worship and prayer, ministry reports for SY 2018-2019 and the presentation of our Annual Plan & Budget SY 2019-2020. The Corporation will also be electing four (4) members to the Board of Trustees to replace those whose terms are ending this year.

Your presence at the Corporation Meeting means so much to us, so we hope to see you there. If you cannot come, we encourage you to still apply for membership as a show of support to the IVCF ministry. If you are a voting member and cannot be present, please fill up and sign the proxy form, to be given to your designated proxy.

For inquiries and/or suggestions, please call 9317794 / 9321339 / 0917-8228530 or email us at info@ivcfphil.org.

May we indeed continue to move onward and one-ward to reach the coming generations for Christ, to the praise of His glory.

In Him,

National Director
IVCF Philippines

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